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Set Up Email Templates in Outlook 2016

Do you ever find yourself sending the same email to clients and co-workers over and over again? Today I’m going to show you how to reduce tedium and repetitive stress injuries by setting up an email template in Outlook 2016. This tutorial should cover Outlook 2013 as well. With this template you’ll be able to… Read More »

How to Reset Hotmail password

Of course it will be very annoying if we want to open the email but we cannot open the email. The reason we forgot or maybe someone else has usurped the password successfully. Wait a minute! You must not be discouraged just because you cannot login Hotmail mail. Because here I will explain how to… Read More »

How to change Hotmail password (Outlook)

Hotmail or now called is a free email service provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail is currently the most widely used free email service, surpassing Yahoo! Mail and Gmail and also available in more than 35 languages. Along with the frequency you visit Hotmail in crowded places like schools or campuses, offices, canteens, libraries, supermarkets,… Read More »