How to Reset Hotmail password

Of course it will be very annoying if we want to open the email but we cannot open the email. The reason we forgot or maybe someone else has usurped the password successfully. Wait a minute! You must not be discouraged just because you cannot login Hotmail mail. Because here I will explain how to open Hotmail email and forget my password.

If in the past, when we were still able to import Hotmail e-mail, we could save security settings such as mobile phone numbers or other e-mail addresses, when we were unable to enter e-mail. Hotmail mail, such as forgotten password, is easy. If it turns out we also forgot to save the security settings associated with the Hotmail e-mail account, so it’s really hard to solve the case of forgetting the password. Unless we contact the contact service to reopen the Hotmail account based on the necessary data.

Here I will only give an example of opening Hotmail email if I forget my password with the security settings we saved earlier. In case of opening Hotmail e-mail can not open, you can also use mobile phones.

How to open Hotmail Email when you forget your password

When you need to reset your password in your Hotmail or Outlook email address for any reason, you must first open the URL link Then, select the display option in the password reset need in Hotmail email. The reason is often because I forgot my password; I know my password, but I can’t login; and I doubt others are using my Microsoft account.

In this example, I will try to select only the first option, I forgot my password then click Next.

Before continuing, you need to enter the Microsoft account email address or Hotmail (Outlook) that will reset the password. Please enter your Microsoft account to update the password. In this case, you can also enter the phone number / phone number to find your Microsoft account. Certainly the mobile phone number has been linked in the Hotmail / Outlook account.

Here you must also enter the security code (captcha) to avoid if the robot does this. You only need to enter the security code based on the code that appears automatically then click Next.

Because before I had time to save another e-mail address in a Microsoft account connected to a Hotmail e-mail address, when the password is forgotten, the security settings will appear. If you have also saved a mobile phone number, then at this stage, the option to send the security code to the mobile phone number will appear.

You must prove that password reset is not your password hijacking. Therefore, you need to enter a different email address to complete the hidden part. Here I use a different email address on Yahoo to receive verification codes from my Microsoft account. Finally, click Submit Code.

After successfully finding the security code sent from the Hotmail email, enter the security code in the box provided and click Next.

Ok if the security code you entered is correct, a page will appear to reset the Hotmail email password. There are two columns here to enter the new password. You fill it in between the first column and the second column. Create a password with a high level of security or difficult for others to guess. I usually create a password with more than 8 characters. You can create a password using a combination of numbers and letters or characters.

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