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How to LOGIN HOTMAIL.COM? Here we show you Hotmail login process on PC, smartphone.  If you can’t sign in to old Hotmail account, I will give you some reasons.

Hotmail login process

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#1: Open web browser, and type

#2: Enter your email then password. If you want to keep signed in click here, if you don’t want then just disable it… and then click on sign in.

hotmail login 1

If your account and password are correct. Congratulations, you have successfully logged in. If you make a mistake, please enter your username and password correctly. Then you will get on the main page of Hotmail or Outlook mail. So you can see here.

Hotmail inbox

  • Inbox: Where to get mail, talk or exchange work.
  • Junk Email: Where to get spam mail, junk mail.
  • Drafts:When you press the “Compose” button, Hotmail will save what you are editing into the Draft
  • Sent Items: Your sent message will be saved here.
  • Deleted Items:
  • Archive:
    • Conversation History:
    • New folder:
  • Hotmail login from Search engine

If you want Sign in account, access or, and type Hotmail login. login on search

And you take steps like Hotmail login from the browser.

  • Hotmail login on Mobile

    • Android:

      To perform the Hotmail login on Android we have the following ways:

      • On Web browser:
        • Step 1: You open web browser and type “”.
        • Step 2: Here to proceed to the Hotmail login on Android mobile, we enter the account, then the password and then click Sign in.
      • On App: The Hotmail application is not installed on Android phones but must be downloaded here.  Then proceed to enter your account and password.
    • IOS:

      • On Web browser:
        • Step 1: You open web browser and type “”.
        • Step 2: Here to proceed to the Hotmail login on Android mobile, we enter the account, then the password and then click Sign in.
      • On App: The Hotmail application is not installed on Android phones but must be downloaded here.  Then proceed to enter your account and password.

Hotmail login Questions

Hotmail question 1How do I change my Hotmail password?

For most people, keeping information processed in well-protected mail is very important, thus preventing that information from reaching unethical. For this reason, to avoid the vulnerability of your email account, you should change the password periodically. And it can be done in 5 simple steps:

You must login to your Hotmail account, then you must click on the profile picture and select the “view account” option.

Then click on “Update“, in the Security section. And then you have to click “Change Password“.

You will receive a mobile security code or replacement email (depending on how you have specified it), to verify the identity, the code that you must copy, and click “send code.”

Once you have verified your identity, enter your current password and create a new password, which will be asked for confirmation. By clicking “Next“, you will receive a password change confirmation email. It is advisable if you have multiple email accounts in different services, have a backup of all passwords, to avoid a less cumbersome process.

Hotmail question 2What to do if I forgot my Hotmail password?

Forgot password of email is very annoying, but it happens very often, especially if you put a password too difficult, too long or you have time without entering account.

Fortunately, Microsoft has an integrated option to recover mail passwords. When you sign in, just click “I forgot my password.

This will take you to a dashboard with some options. You must select “I forgot my password“. To continue the process, you must fill out a CAPTCHA to validate that you are human.

Finally, you will come to the final step, Microsoft will send a code to your mobile phone linked to the account. After entering the code, you can change the password for the new code and re-enter your email.

Hotmail question 3How to configure my browser correctly for Hotmail?

Basically it’s about allowing site cookies for your browser, regardless of what it may be. The first thing you have to do is start your browser, you have to click “Tools” in the main menu bar.

Go through the options and click on “Internet Options“, you must select the “Privacy” tab. Scroll down to “Allow all cookies.” Finally, you must click the “OK” button.

Hotmail question 4When do I start using my Hotmail account with Outlook, does that mean I have a new account?

Updating your account does not mean you will have a new account. That’s the same Hotmail account. At some point in the future, all Hotmail users will be migrated to Outlook.

Hotmail question 5What should I do to have an email account with an Outlook domain?

If you have upgraded to Outlook, you may want to have a new account in the @outlook domain. This is optional and you can always use the service with your existing account.

There are two alternatives to having a new @outlook address; The first one is creating an alias for your Hotmail account where you can give a new mail account to the Outlook domain, but the message arrives in your @ account as always and You can send emails from any of the two accounts. The second option is to rename your account.

Hotmail question 6Can I set my Outlook address?

Yes, in fact it is the best one. To reserve an address, you have to create an alias. You can switch to the new Outlook mail design and continue to use your Hotmail address as your primary address.

Alias ​​is an alternate email address for use with anyone or places where you do not want to provide your primary address. From this address, you can receive and send email. Although you can not sign in to Outlook with an alias.

Hotmail question 7Information lost when switching from Hotmail to Outlook?

All information will move to the new Outlook interface. You will not lose anything, nor will it be email, contacts or appointments in your calendar. The classification of inbox folders, message directories and other organizational rules are maintained. sign in frequent problems

Login failed

One of the most common errors that users come to get help for Microsoft is when the famous “LOGIN ERROR” appears.

Typically this problem occurs due to technical failure of the page, due to temporary issues where Microsoft tries to resolve it as quickly as possible.

If at any time you are presented with this situation, you can verify the status of the network through this link: In the “Actions” bar, select the option that says “Network status,” you must select the Windows Live ID, and if it says “All systems work, no problem at this point continue. with the next step “, which means that you can now use your account without any problems.

If it’s the opposite, it says, “Windows Live servers are not available. Maintenance is in progress,” because the technical team is still working to solve the problem.

Try to sign in to another device

Sometimes Hotmail requires you to verify your identity with a security challenge when you sign in. This happens when a long time passes without modifying your security information or when you try to access it. from a new device.

Based on this, each time you join an unknown group, a message will appear, because the IP security is recognized for security. You must verify your identity using the code sent to your alternate account.

Verify the change of confidential information

Sometimes when you sign in to your account, Hotmail asks you to verify that you have changed your security information, via a security code.

Hotmail when you have asked to change security information, this will take 30 days to avoid hackers. When you go into your account, you need to confirm that it’s you who request the information change and can access it, but within 30 days you can not modify any information security, including password.

To make a change to your privacy statement, you must follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your account settings.
    1. Click Security
    1. Select your preference to receive a security code. (Text message, Call, Email or I no longer have any of these messages).
    1. If it only shows you the option you are reporting the problem, select “I do not have any of these options.”
    1. If you do not have a recovery code (25 characters), click No.
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to add and verify new security information.
    1. In the “Where can we contact you?” Option, enter the email you have access to, avoid using corporate email or private domains.
    1. With the email you just entered there will be a message saying: “Replace confidential information” and will send you “continue”, click on it.
    1. It will send you to a page that will ask for the account you want to change security information, enter it and click “next”.
    1. This will allow you to log in normally to your email account and will inform you of a “wait” date to change the information.
    1. Re-enter your account (you want to change the information).
    1. Click “if I was me” and click “next”.
    1. If you recognize the email displayed to you, click “I found my information” without clicking “next”.
  1. If you receive a verification code in a replacement email or a phone number, click next, and you can access and modify all of your privacy information. I recommend that you select all fields. in the option “change alert option” after the edit, delete or delete your account and related numbers.

Discover Hotmail Passwords

One of the most common uncertainties among users is whether someone can discover your email password or not. And the most obvious answer is that it is not possible, no special techniques to achieve this, nor with any hacker program to retrieve passwords. There may be some computer genius that can ruin the system, but it is not common.

Maybe it has happened to you, that your password has been stolen and you will wonder how they did it and maybe it is due to the following:

They discovered the secret answer to your question.

Passwords can be simple and easy to deduce.

When you open a message in places like cybercafés or unidentified hosts, a risk is that they are infected with all types of viruses, trojans and spywares, which they get our password.

The history of Hotmail

In the history of developing email as well as the internet, Hotmail was the dominant one.

Hotmail was founded in 1996 as Hotmail (or hotmail) by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Sabeer Bhatia started his company on $ 300,000 and sold it two years later for $ 400 million. The battle between Microsoft and him to sell Hotmail with that record price is very honest with Wired, you can read here.

However, after the birth of Gmail by Google, Hotmail has regressed and lost market share, then forced to switch over to Outlook.

From Hotmail to Outlook

  • Reason

In 2004, Google announced its own mail service, Gmail. With more storage space, speed and flexible interface, this new competitor has spurred a wave of innovation in webmail. Major industry heavyweights – Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail – introduces upgraded versions of their email service with speed, security and more advanced features.

  • Transition

Microsoft had to mobilize the staff responsible for the “hard-drive” relocation to transfer 150 petabytes of email data from Hotmail to in just over six weeks.

Microsoft has also released two new features for It integrates SkyDrive and has the option of sending mail through the SMTP server.

Hotmail feature

The actual limit is unclear, it shows you start with 5 GB of storage and this number increases over time. Microsoft accounts also have cloud-based storage as OneDrive. search is simpler. Mail or person search options allow you to search for matches:

    • All folders, inbox or Drafts
    • From
  • Options Include all, this week, last week, this month, Go ahead.

Or you can find your contact list. It’s a separate search for Skype.

Includes 2-step authentication processes. Use trusted senders icons for emails from trusted senders. Spam messages appear in red or yellow in the top bar of the message.

The default Outlook manager is based on categories, directories, and subfolders. Flag the important messages or pin them to the top of the folder.

Outlook uses Skype for instant messaging. You can find the Skype icon in the upper right corner of the mailbox.

Import contacts from other sources, including:

    • Gmail
    • Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016
    • Yahoo! Mail
  • Windows Live Mail uses display ads that appear to the right of the mailbox. They lose a lot of space on the screen.

Combine calendar, tasks, theme customization.

Microsoft offers a virtual edition of Microsoft Office suite including:

    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • OneNote
    • Sway

Set Up Email Templates in Outlook 2016

Do you ever find yourself sending the same email to clients and co-workers over and over again? Today I’m going to show you how to reduce tedium and repetitive stress injuries by setting up an email template in Outlook 2016. This tutorial should cover Outlook 2013 as well. With this template you’ll be able to make adjustments if needed, then fire it off into the ether and walk out of that building with your head high. Your phalanges will thank you later.

To get started you need to create an email that will serve as your template. It can be anything – you can type it in a Word document you can type it in Notepad – however you’d like to do it.

In Outlook under the “Home” tab, click “New Email” or press Ctrl + N on the keyboard to create a blank email. I’ve created my form email in Word for the purposes of this tutorial and will paste the text into the body of the email.

For a pro tip, press Ctrl + A to select all the text in the document, press Ctrl + C to copy the text, and then press Ctrl + V to paste the text into the body of the email.

Next, add a subject to your email template. Make it genuine to ensure your email doesn’t go straight into the junk mail of the person who receives it. Click on the “File” tab, choose “Save As” and select “Outlook Template” under the “Save as type:” dropdown menu.

I recommend not changing the folder location here as this is where Outlook will look for your email templates.

Click “Save“, and now your template is available to be used any time you need it. You can discard the email you created, as it has been saved as a template. Awesome! No more worries about carpal tunnel surgery.

Now how do you access the email template you just created?
Under the “Home” tab, click “New Items“, then “More Items“, then “Choose Form“.
Under the “Choose Form” window, select “User Templates in File System“. Up comes a list of your saved email templates Choose the one you need from the list and click “Open“. The template opens as a new email. Make any changes you need, and fire it off to your eager subscribers.

Note that making changes to the email here does NOT make changes to the template itself. In order to update the template, make any changes to the email you’re currently working on, and use the steps we just took to once again save it as a template with the same name. And that’s it for today.

Before your know it, you’ll be a master of your desktop software and be cruising for that promotion to Executive VP, a company car, and a key to the executive washroom.

In our next tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add items to the Ribbon in Outlook, and it works for other Microsoft Office progams as well, and adding these items to the Ribbon will allow you to get to your email templates with the click of a button instead of having to go through all those steps. If you know anyone who wants a shot at VP, or just needs a way to get their email out faster.

How to Reset Hotmail password

Of course it will be very annoying if we want to open the email but we cannot open the email. The reason we forgot or maybe someone else has usurped the password successfully. Wait a minute! You must not be discouraged just because you cannot login Hotmail mail. Because here I will explain how to open Hotmail email and forget my password.

If in the past, when we were still able to import Hotmail e-mail, we could save security settings such as mobile phone numbers or other e-mail addresses, when we were unable to enter e-mail. Hotmail mail, such as forgotten password, is easy. If it turns out we also forgot to save the security settings associated with the Hotmail e-mail account, so it’s really hard to solve the case of forgetting the password. Unless we contact the contact service to reopen the Hotmail account based on the necessary data.

Here I will only give an example of opening Hotmail email if I forget my password with the security settings we saved earlier. In case of opening Hotmail e-mail can not open, you can also use mobile phones.

How to open Hotmail Email when you forget your password

When you need to reset your password in your Hotmail or Outlook email address for any reason, you must first open the URL link Then, select the display option in the password reset need in Hotmail email. The reason is often because I forgot my password; I know my password, but I can’t login; and I doubt others are using my Microsoft account.

In this example, I will try to select only the first option, I forgot my password then click Next.

Before continuing, you need to enter the Microsoft account email address or Hotmail (Outlook) that will reset the password. Please enter your Microsoft account to update the password. In this case, you can also enter the phone number / phone number to find your Microsoft account. Certainly the mobile phone number has been linked in the Hotmail / Outlook account.

Here you must also enter the security code (captcha) to avoid if the robot does this. You only need to enter the security code based on the code that appears automatically then click Next.

Because before I had time to save another e-mail address in a Microsoft account connected to a Hotmail e-mail address, when the password is forgotten, the security settings will appear. If you have also saved a mobile phone number, then at this stage, the option to send the security code to the mobile phone number will appear.

You must prove that password reset is not your password hijacking. Therefore, you need to enter a different email address to complete the hidden part. Here I use a different email address on Yahoo to receive verification codes from my Microsoft account. Finally, click Submit Code.

After successfully finding the security code sent from the Hotmail email, enter the security code in the box provided and click Next.

Ok if the security code you entered is correct, a page will appear to reset the Hotmail email password. There are two columns here to enter the new password. You fill it in between the first column and the second column. Create a password with a high level of security or difficult for others to guess. I usually create a password with more than 8 characters. You can create a password using a combination of numbers and letters or characters.

How to change Hotmail password (Outlook)

Hotmail or now called is a free email service provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail is currently the most widely used free email service, surpassing Yahoo! Mail and Gmail and also available in more than 35 languages.

Along with the frequency you visit Hotmail in crowded places like schools or campuses, offices, canteens, libraries, supermarkets, markets, etc., there are certainly concerns that arise when someone can know Your hotmail password.

The Hotmail password is identical to the lock on your bank account. It is very important for you to stay safe and no one knows it all the time. Today’s hotmail accounts can give you access to e-mail, instant messaging, sharing photos, videos and online storage. Changing your password regularly will ensure your Hotmail account is secure.

Microsoft itself recommends changing the Hotmail password every 72 days (3 weeks). To ensure a strong and unpredictable password is used, you must use a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Here are the steps to change Hotmail password:

Click on the Account link details (password, address, time zone)

Then click the Privacy & Privacy tab

Then click the Change password link.

Microsoft will require account verification to change sensitive information. If you include another email account as a backup email address when you create a Hotmail account (Outlook .com), the backup email address will be used to send the security codes that will be used. Click the Submit code button to continue.

Enter the security code you received via the backup email address and then click the Submit button.

Click directly on the following Settings button to continue

Just click the Skip button to start continuing.

You have followed the form to change the Hotmail account password (Outlook .com). Enter your current Hotmail account password, then the password for the new Hotmail account, repeat it again for the new password in the text box (text box) labeled Re-enter the password and then end by clicking the Save button.